Mia began her artistic career early in life growing up with a photographer as a father and quickly following in his footsteps, using her friends and family as her first subjects.

After graduating with a degree in Commercial Photography, Mia moved to Los Angeles to expand her skill set from not just photography to film + directing. Here she has pursued a creative career working closely under veteran director Dave Meyers as a creative voice on his music videos, photoshoots, and tv pitches. 

During her time with Dave, Mia amassed a portfolio of celebrity photography including (but not limited to) Drake, Chris Evans, Bad Bunny, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and more. Most recently, Mia directed Magic for Acura featuring Vince Staples as well as commercials for BMW featuring Ciara, and a campaign for Samsung with BTS. 

She is also an acclaimed music video director, having done videos for Camilla Cabello, Ciara, Maisie Peters, and all the videos for Ed Sheeran's newest album. Driven by a love for connecting with not only her subjects, but the emotional response she can incite from her viewers, Mia takes pride in being a part of culture-shifting and culture-defining projects.

Her goal is always to create work that sticks with people long after they've viewed it. Mia currently resides in Los Angeles
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