New forms of consumption require new forms of content, so we set out to create an unique VR timepiece to promote Hulu’s 11.22.63. We took this opportunity to push the boundaries of VR narrative where no one else was going.

Accurately setting the backdrop for our piece was groundwork for its immersion. Our sets were seeded with production design that captured the intensity of 1963 and remained faithful to the era’s aesthetic. We combined characters and plot locations from the original novel with some of Stephen King’s classic characters to create his signature eerie aura.

One of the most exciting potentials of VR is the ability to give users a real sense of presence in a foreign environment. To achieve this, we directed our actors to treat the camera like an actor, which in turn put viewers in the shoes of the main character. Finally, we used sound as a powerful tool to guide user attention and prompt exploration within the scene.
Directed by

Bad Robot

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