To support the launch of Disclosure’s sophomore album, Caracal, and first US tour, RadicalMedia partnered with American Express to give the world a first look and listen to Disclosure’s new songs, lighting and stage design.

For the official launch of the American Express UNSTAGED mobile app, RadicalMedia created a customized digital activation, Disclose Your Face, allowing fans around the world to create personalized face outlines that have become synonymous with Disclosure from a curated library of facial features that became part of the performance. Disclosure loved the activation so much that it is now a permanent part of their tour.

American Express

Directed by

James Corden

We leveraged the Disclosure ‘face’ and “Caracal” artwork to create an app experience where fans could take a selfie and then customize their own Disclosure Face. They could then submit it to a living gallery and share on their social channels. Fans loved it so much we received submissions from all over the world. Even the show's Executive Producer, James Corden, created his own Disclosure Face. 

This activation was meant to heighten fan engagement and capitalize on the prominence of mobile apps and it did just that. Almost 80% of all app users who downloaded at the time participated in the ‘Disclose Your Face’ activation.
The on-stage activation looked so great and blended so seamlessly with the band’s aesthetic that they are now using it during their set for the duration of their world tour.