In partnership with Ford Motor Company & GTB, RadicalMedia designed and produced three installations to expand the brand’s “Go Further” vision with the launch of a brand experience studio called FordHub. 

Located in one of New York’s busiest transportation centers – Westfield World Trade Center – FordHub is an interactive space designed to show the public how Ford’s expansion to an auto and a mobility company is helping change the way the world moves. 

Guests can experience a glass lenticular window display, a marble art installation and a large scale responsive wall made of die-cast model Ford cars.

Ford Motor Company


James Spindler

Move Freely

A futuristic twist on the classic rolling marble machine brings to life the flow of a traffic and urban mobility system in a whimsical and complex physical art installation. 

This mesmerizing endless looping representation allows visitors to interact by diverting traffic lanes and intersections — and follow the flow of blue and orange marbles through the intricate network of roadways and tracks. The marbles cascade down through the installation moving through five major layers of traffic patterns, (Clover leaf interchanges, Double Decker Superhighways, Merges and Off-Ramps, A City Street Grid, and a Subway system) before being recycled back to the top by two conveyors.

To amplify the sense of flowing traffic, the tracks of the installation are augmented with responsive LED light strips that are triggered by marbles racing down the highways.

Fabricated out of minimal white and blue plexiglass forms and dozens of custom 3D-printed elements, the entire installation is as much a design object as it is a retail attraction.

Light Wheels

A large scale responsive installation made of close to 6,000 die-cast model Ford cars that wraps across walls on transparent acrylic rods. The different elevations of the rods create an undulating topographical sculptural form across the walls.
Each car has a small LED inside making the entire installation function as a large ‘screen’. In an idle state, dynamic patterns of light would move through the array of model cars. In an active state the wall reacts to the movements of visitors as they explore the space. 


A glass lenticular window display, elegantly executed out of 41 thin blades of glass, printed with a transparent color gradient - the illusion of messaging seen in two different directions.
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