A behind-the-scenes, deeply personal window into the world of hip hop titan and Grammy Award®-nominated artist Nicki Minaj in Nicki Minaj: My Time AGAIN. The second installment on MTV’s ongoing Nicki Minaj documentary trilogy, Nicki Minaj: My Time AGAIN showcases the superstar at her most raw and uninhibited as she prepares to release her most introspective album to date, “The Pinkprint.” 

 The 60-minute documentary also provides an unfiltered look at the highs, lows, and crazy in-betweens of superstardom – from the sheer joy of completing the “The Pinkprint,” to the end of an 11-year romantic relationship, to her firsthand account of the now infamous snakebite and wardrobe malfunctions episodes surrounding the “2014 MTV Video Music Awards,” to her cherished time with her beloved family and friends. Nicki in her own words from “My Time AGAIN”.


Directed by

Michael John Warren

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