One of the UK’s most accomplished comedy and performance directors, Tony’s films aim to catch authentic tenderness in moments of everyday life, revealing the inner contradictions of modern existence without omitting its inherent levity and poetry.

He draws upon his background as a Creative Director at Wieden + Kennedy, London to dedicate himself to the specific ideas and craft behind each project. He has worked with countless global brands, winning every major advertising award along the way.

His films strive to capture genuine tenderness within everyday moments, exposing the inner contradictions of modern life while embracing its inherent light-heartedness and poetic nature.

Drawing from his background as a creative director at Wieden+Kennedy in London, Tony devotes himself to the unique ideas and craftsmanship behind each project. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with numerous global brands, including HSBC, VW and The Guardian, earning recognition through major advertising accolades.

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