Gregory Brunkalla is an Emmy-nominated director with a diverse range of work across various mediums.

His focus on authentic character performance and his ability to convey subtle, poignant humor shows his keen understanding of human experiences. Winning the Tribeca Film Festival's first X Award for his short documentary, 'Hearing Colors,' also shows his talent for storytelling and creativity outside the boundaries of traditional advertising.

Not to be pigeonholed - his versatility is evident in his work across live action, documentary and music videos - showcasing his adaptability and curiosity as a director. His focus on projects that blend music and choreography have led him to helm commercials for clients such as Amazon, Google, Old Navy, Delta, Coke, and The New York Times.

His direction of music videos for artists like The Avalanches, Vampire Weekend, and Danny Brown and his installation work with André 3000 at Art Basel Miami - further highlights his ability to collaborate across different creative industries.

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