Jean Estene is a director, writer and creative director that places an emphasis on bold, catalyzing imagery and a provocative aesthetic.

The emphasis of her work is to appeal to invoking a visceral, gut response through image, precise framing, editorial style, and sound that leaves the audience feeling  as opposed to thinking. She’s drawn to outliers and non-linear, enigmatic storytelling.

Originally from Los Angeles, Jean studied in New York and graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, centralizing her focus on experimental filmmaking and arthouse cinema. 

During her studies, she spent time living in France, which she likens to the broadening of her artistic range, as she delved into different art forms such as cross-cultural cinema, sculptures, photographs, paintings, live theatre and dance. Her interest quickly became that of meshing the worlds of fashion, multi-medium art forms, advertising and cinema. 

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