American director, screenwriter, and producer, Alexander Payne is renowned for creating films that mix sardonic humor with humanist, character-driven drama.

After rave reviews of his first four features, Payne burst onto the awards scene with the Oscar darling Sideways in 2004. He maintained his status as a perennial Oscar contender through his next few films, culminating in the best picture nominated Nebraska - an exemplary work of Payne’s style, mixing dark humor with grounded, real-world struggles.

He signed with RadicalMedia in 2019 to bring his acclaimed, unique sense of humor to the commercial world, directing his first campaign with Apple, Privacy on the iPhone: Private Side. His latest film The Holdovers premiered at the 2023 Toronto International Film to widespread critical acclaim.
Legendary Director Alexander Payne staring into the camera. Nice white shirt. Not sure what he is thinking. But, I bet it's funny.
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