Anders Jedenfors is an award-winning filmmaker and director of photography.

Before breaking into film he worked as a personal chef and brings the same level of precision and dedication required in the kitchen to his filmmaking. He is also his own DP and likes a direct line to the visuals. Add to this an education in Fine Art, and you have a director who is passionate about the senses, always exploring some curious corner of the universe from a new angle, finding the story, and delivering a visceral aesthetic experience.

He embraces a sense of humor and believes in the power of not taking things all too seriously. Life — and film — should be like avery delicious meal. Enticing the palate and nourishing the soul. These guiding principles have brought us beautifully crafted films for clients such as Spectrum, BMW, Cadillac, The Economist, Mercedes, Porsche, Ikea, Harley Davidson, Diesel, IKEA, and many, many others.
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