Beatrice has always been drawn to the interplay between science and art, a unique combination that shines through her narrative, music video, and commercial work.

Her aesthetic is a blend of surrealism, nostalgia, and comedy which she uses to craft dynamic images and unforgettable stories. Her acclaimed music video for Grizzly Bear's "Mourning Sound" is exemplary of this style in which she uses the catchy, mellow beats as a vehicle to portray female empowerment through her fantastical and subtly comedic imagery. The video earned her nominations at the 1.4 Awards for Up-and-Coming Director and Best Music Video, and garnered press in top publications, such as Rolling Stone, for her unique take on the song. Other awards and nominations include the British Film Institute, The One Show, Ciclope, and Berlin MVAs.

Additionally, Beatrice is a firm believer in sustainable filmmaking, which she applies to her creative process whenever possible, and provides green toolkits and advice geared towards lowering our carbon footprint, sustainable film production and waste reduction.

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