All-Stars John Wall, Anthony Davis, Mason Plumee, and LaMarcus Aldridge thrive on the court with unique playing styles born out of their strife off the court. Their challenging stories lead to signature moves, from the 360º layup to the reverse dunk. To honor their precision from all angles we designed and manufactured custom camera arrays and captured the athletes in action. 

We brought the media to life with an interactive desktop and mobile website where fans could pan through the array videos to analyze the unique attributes of each player and witness the powerful vignettes of their evolving journeys, directed by Davi Russo.

Fans who attended NBA All-Star weekend in New York City experienced our life-sized iteration of the Pivot technology with human-scale screens and physical controllers.

American Express

PIVOT Teaser

Users experienced the players signature move from any angle, rotating in real time
as the player took their shot.
180º Interactive Playback

NBA House Installation

Fans that attended the NBA All-Star event were able to experience American Express PIVOT technology on 103-inch, NBA player-sized screens immersing them in the movements of each player. Fans could explore American Express PIVOT at NBA House, located in Skylight at Moynihan Station and in the Barclays Center.

Pivot Web Experience

A custom web version of the American Express PIVOT experience was accessible to fans everywhere via desktop, tablet and mobile at 

Technical Process

To capture the player's signature moves we designed and built a custom camera rig. A 180° arc with 24 GoPro cameras synced to capture a 'bullet time' clip of the player in mid-air.

Player Journey Films

A narrative film with each player was created to explore their personal journey as they strived for success both on and off the court — where fans could learn about the pivotal moments in the players’ basketball careers that ultimately shaped their signature move. 
Player Journey Films: John Wall
Player Journey Films: LaMarcus Aldridge
Player Journey Films: Anthony Davis
Player Journey Films: Mason Plumlee
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