The Ocean Health Index is a universal standard and deep assessment of the link between global marine ecosystems and our own survival. Conservation International tasked us with creating a brand identity for OHI and launch the Index with a graphically driven website that would continually educate the public and inform policy around the world.

Our team dove into the Index and became subject matter experts in order to understand the hard scientific data. We designed and developed live data-visualizations, digestible infographics, and worked with ESRI to create mapping tools that transposed the scientific information into an approachable interface and socially relatable narrative.

We built the site as a drag-and-drop framework powered by our in-house content management system. This enables OHI scientists to collaborate and update data, text, images and graphics following the annual release of a new Index. The site will serve as a comparison tool to gauge global and regional ocean health for years to come.

Conservation International

New England Aquarium

National Geographic

The Ocean Health Index illustrates the dynamic relationship between the oceans and humanity, measuring biological, physical, economic and social dimensions. 
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