PBS American Portrait is a national storytelling initiative that aims to inspire a new understanding of what it really means to be American today. It asks people all over the country to contribute stories by responding to one of a number of thought-provoking prompts. Whether it's joy or sorrow, triumph or hardship, family traditions followed for decades or just the chaos of morning breakfast, we want to put together a picture of life as it's really lived, today. It's a chance for people to give a glimpse into their life, and a chance for them to be heard.

First launched as a cross-platform website allowing users to contribute their own stories and explore those submitted by others, the initiative also includes a PBS broadcast series, an outreach ecosystem spanning social & paid media, street team reps & local artists, PBS learning integration, and plans for additional extensions.  

This is a major opportunity to make history by creating a communal space where people can share, explore and listen. The more people we encourage to participate and the more stories we gather, the more we’ll see a real, complex, fascinating portrait of America.  

Submit your story at pbs.org/americanportrait.