Two loners in search of family find solace in friendship in this cross-cultural road movie from Sebastian Schipper (Victoria). Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk) plays Gyllen, a rebellious British teen who escapes a stifling family vacation by stealing his step dad's campervan and driving through Morocco and Spain to visit his real father in France. Joining forces with William (Stéphane Bak), the two 17 year olds hit the road in an impromptu border-crossing adventure. 

The boisterous Gyllen and the thoughtful, undocumented William make an unlikely duo. Visiting from the Congo, William is headed to a French refugee camp to look for his missing brother and is trying to stay under the radar. But it doesn’t take long for their personalities to rub off on each other and they soon cheerfully dub themselves “Team Crazy, Risky, Stupid.” The film is a spirited portrayal of two vulnerable young men struggling to step into their adult selves without the security of family to ground them or male role models to emulate. Capturing with acute sensitivity what it means to live on the margins of mainstream society, the insightful script and poignant performances strike a hopeful tone.

—Lucy Mukerjee
Directed by
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