They are explorers, scientists, entrepreneurs and citizens committed to the common good. They explore our world to study and protect ecosystems. They take concrete action to find solutions to today's challenges. They inspire future generations to guarantee the future of our planet. Rolex stands alongside them through its Perpetual Planet Initiative, providing funding, access, and support to their incredibly important work.

The film honors Rolex's nine-decade commitment to this initiative, and looks to the future by highlighting some of the tangible impact that has already come as a result.

We ask the question – why do we explore? How does it change us? And how does it change our world?

Beginning by focusing on five laureates from around the world, the film follows the work and accomplishments they have made. We then widen our aperture to reveal the exceptional group of pioneers in exploration, science, and conservation that Rolex supports across the globe today. Taken together, this chorus of voices reminds us how this work moves us forward, changes us, and makes good on our enduring commitment to protect the planet we inhabit.

Directed by

Nicholas Ma



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