Launched with the spacecraft in 2011, the Mission Juno site is a tool that humanizes the robotic mission by providing citizens of Earth a real engagement opportunity with the daunting nature of space exploration. NASA’s endeavor is an archaeological dig to uncover what history of our planet resides on Jupiter – our site puts all of humanity on board.

The deep dive into Mission Juno begins with multi-part documentary videos, interactive models, continually updated news feed, and visual breakdowns of the space craft’s journey. Since arriving at Jupiter in 2015, NASA has released JunoCam’s images on our site first, for the public to download, process and re-post.

The championing component of our site is the community we have created. We are continually engaging amateur astronomers and space enthusiasts who are uploading home-brewed photographs of Jupiter, discussing related topics with NASA scientists, and voting on points-of-interest they would like to have photographed.

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Mission Trailer

In addition to the site, we designed a distinct visual identity for Juno that appears on the spacecraft as well as on all original, exportable content from the website, establishing a memorable brand for the mission.

Image Processing

Thousands of submissions from contributors around the world are on display in the JunoCam Image Gallery. Raw images taken by Juno's camera are made available for the public to download and process. Creations– whether purely artistic in nature or scientific– range from simple cropping and colorizing, to complex collages and advanced color reconstruction.
"Perijove 06 Sequence v2" – Gerald Eichstädt/Seán Doran
"Mesmerization: – Snowstone
"PJ09 90 001" – Gerald Eichstädt/Seán Doran
"Van Gogh's Sky" - Isabela de Gois Laufer credit
"Jupiter One" – Michael Ranger
"There's a Beautiful Jupiter Out Tonight" – InvaderXan
"Stunning Vortices of Jupiter's South Pole" – Roman Tkachenko

Juno's Story

In addition to public outreach, one of the goals of the site is to communicate the story behind the Mission to Jupiter. Complementing the interactive exploratory modules across the site, we worked with the mission team to produce a collection of short films and a series with Bill Nye.
Mission Juno Rocket Launch
The Journey 
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